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Our pledge to you

This is who we are: an ethical company whose employees focus their attention on your satisfaction. Elk Grove Village Electronics Recycling is running a marathon, not a sprint and aim to build mutually beneficial partnerships that last well into the future with each and every customer.

100% Guaranteed Data Destruction

There are Federal and State laws that regulate the safeguarding of third party information. If you have a data breach you can not only open yourself up to a flurry of costly and embarrassing civil lawsuits but may be prosecuted and heavily fined for mishandling sensitive information that was entrusted to you. Not to mention the loss of public trust your company will suffer. No one looks good with a black eye. Elk Grove Village Electronics Recycling will keep your data safe.

Data breaches are not limited to the hacking of active computers, that's just what gets all the press. One of the fastest growing categories of data theft comes through recovering information off discarded hard drives from businesses and healthcare facilities. Even when wiped clean a person well versed in data recovery can fairly easily pillage a wealth of information you thought was erased. One way to ensure the sanctity of your clients', employees' and business's information is through the physical destruction of the hard drives. Elk Grove Village Electronics Recycling can take that burden off your shoulders and do it for you.

Elk Grove Village Electronics Recycling can come to your site with self-contained trucks outfitted with generators and special shredding machines to destroy the hard drives as you supervise. Or if you prefer Elk Grove Village Electronics Recycling can take your devices back to our facility where they will remain under lock and key and monitored by closed circuit cameras from the time they arrive until the entire shredding process is completed. We scan each hard drive for model and serial number then issue a certificate of destruction to keep for your files. After shredding the hard drives into thousands of pieces there's not enough glue, tape or hacker knowledge in the world that can recover one scintilla of data - not a comma, semi-colon or period. Case closed.

"Zero Landfill" Policy

Once we have eradicated the data we turn our attention to the electronic devices themselves. Unlike hard drives, which are self-contained and therefore pose no threat to the environment when shredded, shredding the devices themselves would release harmful toxins into the air. Elk Grove Village Electronics Recycling places great importance on being good stewards of the planet so we hand disassemble every computer and electrical device that comes through our door. This takes a lot more time than simply shredding them, but we want to do the job right. Nothing ends up in a landfill. Not now, not ever.

Our Certifications

R2 (Responsible Recycling) : 2013
ISO 14001: 2004 Certification
OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certification

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